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Product Focus

Published January 2011


PULS Power Supplies



                  The Greenest Power Supply on Earth

PULS is the DC Power Specialist. They are the only company with a 100% focus on Industrial DIN-Rail DC Power Solutions. All products are built in their own, state of the art, facilities (i.e. not outsourced). This allows them to provide you a consistently reliable product. Each supply goes through a multi-stage test before being shipped. Many products exceed 1 million Hours MTBF, 2 -3 times longer than the competition. That is why they offer a 3 Year Warranty. Datasheets are not marketing bulletins but guaranteed to be accurate. If quality is important to you, PULS is your supply.

The extensive product offering available from PULS can be found in their Product Selection Guide.

Products include:

  • Single Phase Input - Wide Variety of Voltages & Current Ranges from .63 to 40A
  • Three Phase Input - Wide Range of Voltage & Current for Both Control and Power Applications (Live  Roller Conveyor)
  • DC UPS Products - Including Batteries and Mounting Accessories
  • Redundancy Modules - For critical applications
  • Network Power Supplies - For DeviceNet & AS-Interface (ASI)
  • DC to DC Converters


For Additional Details:

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